According to J.D Power reports, the average monthly bill costs roughly 157 dollars. As consumers we are constantly looking for ways to cut costs lower our bills. It can be stressful when you try to figure out the alternatives just to save money on your bill.

If you are tired of overpaying every month, I recommend that you try these ways to lower your cell phone bill

1. Use WIFI When available

Do your best to stay on a WIFI connection whenever it is offered, whether you are at work or home. If you don’t have access to WIFI if you are on the go, make smart decisions. For example, do not download or stream anything because they consume a huge amount of data on cell phone plans. The coverage of data could add up quickly, and there are providers charge you as much as 16 dollars the instant you go over the amount that is in your plan. Do your best to stay within the amount that is in your plan by only using 4G/LTE when it is time to use it.

2. Cut your insurance

For example, let’s say it costs 11 dollars monthly for you to have insurance on your phone. That adds up to roughly 132 dollars a year. Instead, I recommend that you put aside a few extra dollars a month, so you can purchase a replacement cell phone in case something happens to your current phone.

3. Purchase No-contract phones

Cell phone providers know how to earn profit. One way they make huge returns is through contracts. In order to buy a cell phone, you will have to sign a multi-year contract to use their network. In the event you choose to move on, they will hit you with an enormous cancellation charge. What I recommend you do is to buy no-contract phones. You can spot them because they are branded “unlocked” and they take SIM cards.

4. Negotiate a price with your provider

When you walk into a store and are trying to buy a new phone, do not assume that you must pay the same price that is on the sticker. Try talking with the salesperson upfront and see if the upgrade cost could be neglected. If you have been a loyal customer, make sure to bring that up and see if there are loyalty promotions.