Top Online Checking Accounts

Checking and savings accounts are two of the most common bank account options.

They each provide different features and benefits to help you with all your financial goals. Checking accounts are supposed to make frequent transactions like buying groceries, paying bills or depositing your paycheck easy — while savings accounts give you a place to stash your funds and build them up.

Cash Bonuses

However, did you know that banks are now offering $200 to $500 generous cash bonuses just for opening a new checking account? And the best part … no strings attached! All you have to do, in most cases, is just set up a direct deposit and keep the account open for at least a few months. And for that, you could find yourself with an extra $200 to $500 in your pocket.

Best Checking Account Bonuses

  1. Fifth Third Bank: $500 Bonus
  2. Wells Fargo: $400 Bonus
  3. U.S. Bank: $300 Bonus
  4. TD Bank: $200 or $300 Bonus
  5. Chase Bank: $200 or $300 Bonus
  6. PNC Bank: $50, $200 or $300 Bonus
  7. Santander Bank: $225 Bonus
  8. Elements Financial: $200 Bonus
  9. Huntington National Bank: $200 Bonus

Many Banks To Choose From

Plenty of big banks, like Chase, TD Bank and Wells Fargo, are offering these cash bonuses, but some of the best bonuses may come from regional banks in your area. Search in your area now so you don’t miss out. There has never been a better time to open a free online checking account.

It’s FREE… No Monthly Fees & Free ATMs

Keep in mind that these checking account cash bonus offers change often — so make sure you get more information from the banks in your area and online in order to see what offers are currently available. Bonus offers can be limited to new account holders, run for a limited time, or may be available only at a physical branch. Also, make sure you check the requirements for each cash bonus, as they can include requirements such as specific deposit minimums, regular direct deposits, and a certain amount of time you’re required to keep your account open. To sweeten the deal, many online checking providers have 100% FREE ATM withdrawals and will reimburse you for any fees.

So, just to recap, if you’re looking for some extra free cash from a new bank for opening a new checking account, you need to searching now for the best offers out there. Start by looking online for offers from local banks near you, national banks, and even online banks. See and compare what they’re giving customers for opening new accounts. And don’t forget to keep looking once you’ve picked a bank , because you might find moving your money into a new account might come with even better perks.