A mobility scooter , or adult scooter, is a personal mobility vehicle that allows those who have difficulty moving around to freely and independently traverse the indoors and outdoors with ease. The technology behind these home mobility devices has evolved greatly over the past few years and today they help many millions of people across the world.

There are several different types of adult scooters available on the market and so it is important to find one that can fulfill your specific needs. One of the most important considerations is deciding where you intend to use your mobility scooter. Do you plan on using it only around the house? Do you need something that can be used outdoors on the farm or over rough terrain? Or are you going to be using it outdoors in paved areas?

Deciding where you are going to use your mobility scooter is the most important factor when deciding what type you need to get. Those that are planning on taking their mobility scooter on vacation or traveling will probably want a travel scooter. Travel scooters are designed to be easily disassembled into several manageable pieces. They can easily be placed in the trunk of a car. One of the major advantages of this type of mobility scooter is that it is possible to transport it without purchasing a special lift for your car or van. Generally the heaviest piece is around 30 pounds. While these adult scooters are great for traveling, they often do not have as many features as a traditional mobility scooter and are not as well suited to travel over rough or unpaved ground. They frequently feature the 3-wheel design, which greatly improves maneuverability, but does not have the same stability that a 4-wheel scooter has.

If you need a mobility scooter that will be able to traverse rough terrain than you will likely want a heavy duty mobility scooter. Heavy duty mobility scooters can traverse rough terrain that you would likely find on a farm or in rural areas. They have specially reinforced bumpers and often have a much higher ground clearance than a traditional scooter. While these units are great for outdoors, they can sometimes be unwieldy when used indoors. If you want to be able to transport it, you will likely need to purchase a vehicle lift or ramp, because you will not be able to easily disassemble it.

A travel scooter and a heavy duty mobility scooter represent the two extremes of scooter usability. There are many models that are much more traditional than these two types of adult scooters. If you are going to be using your mobility scooter frequently indoors or in type conditions than you will likely want to purchase a 3-wheeled mobility scooter. A 4-wheeled mobility scooter, on the other hand, will provide better stability and can support a higher weight capacity. A traditional scooter can not be disassembled easily though, so you will likely need a ramp or vehicle lift.

There are several types of adult scooters available to fulfill a person’s individual needs. Deciding where you plan on using your mobility scooter and whether you need to be able to transport it should be the first step in deciding what type of mobility scooter is best for you.